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56: Obi-Wan Episode 6

Wrapping up our conversation about Obi-Wan season 1.

55: Thor Love and Thunder REVIEW

Dexter and Matt talk about Thor and about an hour of other things.

Obi-Wan Kenobi REVIEW

We mosty talk about Obi-Wan Kenobi - But Matt is also playing Lego Star Wars.

We go to a Con! Among Other Things.

Matt and Dexter go to Des Moines Con, Matt likes the new Star Trek, Dexter did some wood working, Chrono Cross banter, Matt plays Mario on the Switch and Zelda Breath ...

Doctor Strange and Moon Knight

We talk Doctor Strange and Moon Knight among other things.

The Batman - Review

Dexter and Matt talk about the Batman, some Obi Wan and then more Batman.

Moon Knight and more Star Trek

Talking about Moon Knight and Star Trek.

49: Catchup with Thom!

Complain about internet providers, Dexter saw The Batman, Matt started the Boba Fett Gun, Matt talks about watching old movies, Picard, talking about movie special eff...

48: 3D printing, Agatha Christie, & Resident Evil

Talking about 3D printing Boba's gun, Illustration styles, Dexter's new dog, Agatha Christie movies/novels (Murder on the Orient Express),

47: The Book of Boba Fett

Dexter and Matt talk about The Book of Boba Fett. You should too.

46: January is Cold

A lot of banter. Batman eye makeup, Batman who laughs, IDW losing Transformers and GIJoe, Matt watched some movies, Dexter watches a British documentary and his daught...

45: Catch Up: Spider-Man, Matrix, Hawkeye, Boba Fett, Shang Chi

Spider-Man No Way Home and other Spider-Mans, Matrix Resurrection, Mulan & other Disney live actions, Hawkeye, Book of Boba Fett, Eternals, Shang Chi, New Halo Gam...

44: Ghostbusters: Afterlife

Dexter and Matt talk about Ghostbusters Afterlife

Hawkeye (the first two Eps.)

Matt and Dexter talk about the first two episodes of #Hawkeye on #Disney+ and Matt has started to rewatch the #MCU.

42: Oh Fudge Beans and talks of Boba Fett and Peter Parker

Matt and Dexter talk a lot of Star Wars including reviewing the Book of Boba trailer and Spider-Man trailer

41: NERD 💩

Matt and Dexter record right before trick-or-treating in Dexter's office (sorry for the recording quality). Matt talks Halloween movie, Back 4 Blood, star wars, a litt...

Loki (pt 2) & Venom Let There Be Carnage

Discuss the last 2 episodes of Loki & the movie Venom Let There Be Carnage! #MCU #Venom #Loki

Loki Pt. 1

Dexter and Matt talk about the first two thirds of LOKI on Disney Plus.

It's impolite to kiss and tell

The guys talk about what they refuse to talk about and what's they're most afraid of. - Don't forget to check our merch at

37-1 Article C - 💩🔫

Matt watched some pop culture things, Dexter went on vacation, the whole Scarlett Johansson V. Disney thing, Mighty Ducks get another season among other topics.

Black Widow & Family ({ [ SPOILERS ] })

Dexter and Matt talking bout Black Widow - the movie... the one in the MCU as well as some Master's of the Universe and Ted Lasso ({ [ SPOILERS ] })

35-2 Article B - Monthly Trailers

Dexter and Matt talk about the trailers and Picard S2, Snake Eyes, Masters of the Universe

FCLC, Batman Long Halloween, & movies

FCLC sequels, Batman the Long Halloween, and movie announcements. All this and more here on Recording Live

Shooting the Shoot

Some more random banter from Dexter and Matt cover such topics as comic book conventions, super hero movies, and meeting pseudo celebrities.

Army of the Dead - Review with Spoilers

Dexter and Matt talk about Army of the Dead, SPOILERS and all.

Our Favorite Comic Book Illustrators

Dexter and Matt talk about their favorite comic book illustrators

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier w/ SPOILERS

Dexter and Matt talk about the Falcon and the Winter Soldier on Disney+

What Influences Your Writing and The Costa Concordia - Now with more Thom!

We talk with Thom about intentionally allowing other stories influence your writing as well as the Costa Concordia

27: Prime Directive, Conventions, and the Falcon & Winter Soldier

Matt has issues with Janeway's disregard of the Prime Directive, admits to liking Spider-Man into the Spider-Verse. They guys talk about going to a comic book conventi...

26: WandaVision on Disney+ **SPOILERS**

Dexter and Matt talk about WandaVision.... SUPER ***SPOILERY*** YOU MIGHT SAY.

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