Matt and Dex talking... sometimes with Lee and Thom!

* it's recorded live, but not distributed live.

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Moon Knight and more Star Trek

Talking about Moon Knight and Star Trek.

49: Catchup with Thom!

Complain about internet providers, Dexter saw The Batman, Matt started the Boba Fett Gun, Matt talks about watching old movies, Picard, talking about movie special eff...

48: 3D printing, Agatha Christie, & Resident Evil

Talking about 3D printing Boba's gun, Illustration styles, Dexter's new dog, Agatha Christie movies/novels (Murder on the Orient Express),

47: The Book of Boba Fett

Dexter and Matt talk about The Book of Boba Fett. You should too.

46: January is Cold

A lot of banter. Batman eye makeup, Batman who laughs, IDW losing Transformers and GIJoe, Matt watched some movies, Dexter watches a British documentary and his daught...

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