Dexter and Matt talking about things like movies, books, dreams, work, life...
* it's recorded live, but not distributed live.

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69: Movie Review: The Thing

We're talking about The Thing. It's an old movie, so you should have seen it by now.

68: David Lynch & Other Things

Matt and Dexter talk about David Lynch, Twin Peaks, Dreams, and other things.

Book Review - Who Goes There

Dexter and Matt talk about the book "Who Goes There" By John W. Campbell. The book the movie "The Thing" is based on. Next time We'll talk about "The Thing"

66: Talking about Movies and Trailers, Mostly

Dexter was sick and stopped reading a book, Matt watched Willow, and talked about movies we're looking forward to

65: Writing, Outer Space, and Transformers Trailer

Dexter talks about writing and a couple of books, Matt tells a funny story about ordering drinks, Outer space talk, and Rise of the Beasts, Andor some and Indiana Jones.

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