Matt and Dex talking... sometimes with Lee and Thom!

* it's recorded live, but not distributed live.

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Matt Got a Poncho

Matt got a poncho, Start Wars Toys, Walking Dead/Robert Kirkman, and Dexter read some books. But, so much poncho talk.

Talk about School and Writing

Dexter and Matt talk about old jobs, school and writing.

62: She Hulk Review

Dexter and Matt Talk about She Hulk and other things.

61: Werewolf By Night Review - Mario & Wednesday Trailers

Dexter and Matt talk about Werewolf by Night as well as the Mario and Wednesday Trailers.

60: Recap Matt Birthday - Jaws & Coup the board games

Dexter and Matt talk about playing Jaws the board game and Coup... a card game.

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