46: January is Cold

A lot of banter. Batman eye makeup, Batman who laughs, IDW losing Transformers and GIJoe, Matt watched some movies, Dexter watches a British documentary and his daughter is adorable.
Batman eye makeup, 
Batman who laughs, 
IDW losing Transformers and GIJoe, 
Matt watched A Quiet Place 1 & 2
Matt watched Paranormal movies
Matt watched Rise of Skywalker again... not a great movie still
Some more talk about putting deceased actors in movies
Book of Boba Fett talk - ignore the nay sayers
Ordering exclusive toys is hard
are Legos really that cool?
More MCU... sorry
Nic Cage 
Isle of Dogs
Dexter struggles through remembering Wes Anderson movies
Dexter's daughter had a birthday
Dexter's watching Escape to the Castle (British show about a couple moving to a castle)
Dexter's playing Dishonored... again... leads into RPG (Chrono Trigger, Cross, Final Fantasy, etc.) and other video game talk... again

46: January is Cold
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