37-1 Article C - 💩🔫

Matt watched some pop culture things, Dexter went on vacation, the whole Scarlett Johansson V. Disney thing, Mighty Ducks get another season among other topics.
Matt Talks about first half of The Suicide Squad - does he like it?
Watching the Jason movies
The Chip Challenge - facebook video
Omaha Trip - Adventureland - Daddy daughter date with Legos - Bump in the Night
Skybound Unlimited Comic - Beast Wars Comic 
Matt gets more Transformers Toys
Scarlett Johansson suing Disney
Dark Wing Duck remake
Mighty Ducks TV show
Kim's Convenience
and some old TGIF-ish shows
Matt and Dexter argue about future show plans. 

37-1 Article C - 💩🔫
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