Shooting the Shoot

Some more random banter from Dexter and Matt cover such topics as comic book conventions, super hero movies, and meeting pseudo celebrities.
1:00 introduction and banter
4:00 Loki and other MCU, 
16:45 going back to movies in the theatre,
18:48 The Bad Batch and other Star Wars,
37:00 Audio book narrators - leads into conversation about accents
59:50 Matt's been watching Parasite
1:03:37 Joker Movie leads into Venom
1:06:51 Spider-Man reboot ranting 
1:15:00 MCU rants - Moon Knight - She Hulk - Secret Invasion - Nick Fury in the movies
1:26:14 How I Met Your Mother
1:37:30 Matt's Brian Posehn story
1:4030 Dexter's Shatner story
1:45:50 Matt's Zander Cannon story
1:47:05 Matt's Cinema Snob story - leads into other con talks

Shooting the Shoot
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